Bingo: The Fashion Remix

Playing bingo with a fashion twist

Among the many facts reported by independent news wire website South West News Service is that there are now estimated to be more than 100 million worldwide who play bingo avidly. More interestingly, 80% of that figure accounts for female players.

Researchers attribute this female domination to women’s natural inclination towards harmonious and friendly competition, as opposed to men’s tendency towards gaining alpha male status. Since bingo is more of a social activity than it is a competitive one, it would explain why the fairer sex find it more appealing.

Because of this demographic slant, some of the more interesting variants of the basic game of bingo have been infused with things that draw the interest of women. A rather prominent example of this is wardrobe bingo. A game introduced last year by online clothing retailer, wardrobe bingo was issued as a fun challenge of sorts for fashionista bloggers to come up with some rather attention-grabbing ensembles using the game’s mechanics.

To play wardrobe bingo, you first have to assemble four groups of clothing, corresponding to the four main fashion classifications: tops, bottoms, footwear, and accessories. Under each grouping, you must have around five items, labeled numerically. You then proceed to the actual “bingo” part of the game, where you draw numbers for each group, combine the results, and hopefully end up with something truly amazing.

To make things more fun, you can even take photos of your created ensembles and post them on various fashion-centric bingo sites and social media hubs. Online bingo provider Cheekybingo’s Twitter page is rife with pictures of these, complete with their mascot Cheeky’s amusingly brazen remarks; even if you’re on the receiving end of one.

In the end, having a good time is what bingo is all about. Adding fashion into the mix just ups the fun factor; especially with the Fall/Winter Fashion Week already underway.

Beauty Kit Essentials


You can’t carry all your makeup around with you. Aside from added weight in your bag, you probably won’t be able to use all those makeup anyway. What you need is to pick out the essentials you need to bring with you for quick touch-ups and emergencies. Check out my list below to see which beauty items you must have stored in your beauty pouch:

1. Powder – This is the most basic beauty product you need to keep your face looking fresh and oil-free. A quick pat can remedy an oily nose or a greasy forehead.

2. Blush – Add color to your cheeks anytime of the day with your blush. This helps emphasize your cheeks and gives you a rosy look.

3. Lip gloss/lipstick – Don’t let your lips dry up and lack color. Bring a lipstick or gloss with you that can work with different looks. You can choose a nude shade or a pink shade. This will also enhance your smile.

4. Eye shadow/eyeliner – For a bit more definition and attitude, apply eyeliner or eye shadow on your eyes. This can quickly change your look from plain Jane to sexy maven.

5. Hair polish or serum – Don’t let your hair get left behind. Have a hair product handy to add gloss to your locks when needed.

6. Pins/clips/needle and thread – For any beauty or fashion emergency, make sure to have these products in your stash. These will keep you armed against any beauty or fashion problems.

Make sure you have these essentials in your beauty kit to make sure you conquer any beauty dilemma that comes your way. Have fun prettifying yourself!

Dealing With Unwanted Hair

nullIt’s such a task being a girl sometimes. You can’t be hairy-scary on any day, except for when you’re locked up indoors. Unwanted hair can be such a hassle, but sticking to a hair-removal regimen should make things a little easier. There are many ways to get rid of unwanted hair. There are quick fixes, and there are permanent solutions. Have a look at the different choices you have to stay hair-free 24/7:

1. Shaving – This is the quickest solution to unwanted hair. Make sure that you have a razor especially designed for shaving different parts of the body. This quick fix, however, doesn’t remove the hair from the root, causing it to grow faster and thicker.

2. Waxing – There are hot and cold wax treatments available in salons. You can also buy waxing kits from the department or health and beauty stores, so you can wax yourself at home. This is better than shaving because the hair is pulled from the root. The downside is the pain and the messy process.

3. Products – There are hair-removal creams and soaps that you can use while you’re in the shower. These weaken the hair causing it to fall off. It’s quick and painless to do this, but like with shaving, hair isn’t removed from the root.

4. Tools – There are epilators available in the market. These are used like razors but have teeth that pull out the hair from the root. This isn’t painful, but the tool might not be as cheap as the previous solutions.

5. Laser – This is the most effective way to get rid of unwanted hair permanently. Laser is used to zap the nerves that allow hair growth. This treatment is quite expensive and requires a number of sessions.

Now that you know the different options to get rid of unwanted hair, which one do you prefer?

Step Up with Makeup

makeupDifferent occasions call for different makeup looks. You need to make sure you wear the right kind of makeup for whatever event it is in your life. Failing to do so can make you feel uncomfortable and out of place.

This shouldn’t be such a daunting task if you know what makeup looks match certain occasions. Have a look at this quick rundown to get the 411 on the different makeup looks you can choose from:

  1. No-makeup look – This simple, natural look is good for weekend brunches or quick road trips. This shows your laid-back and stripped down beauty. If you’re going to be hanging out with friends or family, this is a good choice.
  2. Sun-kissed look – Here’s a good look for when you’re about to go on vacation to the beach. The bronze shades will look great on you if you’re actually out in the sun.
  3. Glam – For formal events and evening parties, go glam. You can have smoky eyes and red lips if you want. This is perfect if you’re celebrating with colleagues or attending formal parties with friends and family.
  4. Rock/Goth – Out to catch your favorite band or just looking for a good dive bar around the neighborhood for a few drinks? Go for the rock-star/goth look. This will unleash your edgier side.
  5. Avant garde look – For events that you can just go all-out, like costume to themed parties for example, go for the avant garde look. Combine different shades for your eye makeup and experiment on a new lipstick shade you haven’t tried before.

Know which look will fit the occasion best and have heads turning your way. Enjoy!